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Crafts and Professions for the Base Camp

OK guys, here is a list of some of the professions and crafts for the group
Craft(Cooking) Millary
Craft(Caligraphy) Mithras
Craft (Bowyer) Roland
Craft (Armorer) Timase
Craft (Herbalist) Reanzi
Profession(Huntsman) Roland
Profession(Mercenary) Roland
Profession(Cartographer) KARL!!
Profession(Knight) Gunnar
Profession(Nurse) Milliray
Profession(Trap-Making) Zarroc
Profession(Soldier) Mithras

While we are in this hiatus phase

So dear players,

While we are in this oddly but necessary extended hiatus, I would like you guys to answer some questions…no they don’t carry any deliberate meaning, but they could be used to make your GM feel warm, fuzzy, and good inside.

1. Is the campaign heading in a direction you like, or is there something you as a player would like seen done?
2. If you could change one thing about your character in the campaign, what would it be?
3. If you could change one thing about another character, Player or Non-player, why would you change them?
4. (The only I care you answer specifically) Are you satisfied with the campaign, and would like it to continue. I ask this because summer may throw daggers into consistent running, but I can run when I can. I am not wanting to be done, but I am just wanting to satisfy the gaming desires of my players.

Feel free to email me anything that responds to these questions at

Interesting things to note

Treasure from campaign
750 gold
UnIDed Great Axe, Large Creatures (Crag)
UnIDed Chain Shirt, Medium Creatures
UnIDed Buckler, Medium Sized
Disguise Kit x2
Masterwork Morningstar x2
Simple Lock
Circlet of Blasting, Major

Artifacts you now know of:

Artifacts equipped and found:
Avalon-Sir Gunnard
Caliburn-Sir Gunnard
Arhzur-Sir Gunnard
Ambrosius-Crag Hack
Guinevere-Crag Hack

There is a Vault of H.I.M. in the dungeon. Cassandra, Josh Z, and Ben all have an opportunity to access the vault. Josh W, Joel, Zach, and the Barbarian have utilized their one chance inside.


Hey Everybody,

Just like usual, we will be gathering at 2 PM central, 3 PM Eastern tomorrow, just like usual.
If you cannot make it, do not worry, there are always XP leftovers for people who cannot make it.

Your GM “God”
Michael “Mwhahahahaha” McKinney

Group Loot and Finances 1
What we've got

Wand of Icestorm
Potion of Levitate
189 gold pie3ces

You also have the following:
8 Chain Shirts
8 Leather Armor
10 Longswords, Common Make
2 Masterwork Daggers
3 Longbows
3 Shortbows
4 Crossbows

If the party so decides to, you may sell these various weapons and armaments

This list will be ammended as the group gets more loot to share.

The demons unleashed

Everybody has been separated, you have been divided. What will you do?

Behold the demons have arisen, and the hour to fight is now.
Remember if you don’t stand for something, you might for anything.

No Escape, Lockdown, No departures

Due to the nature of the Council of Ghast incident, and the infection among Fae representatives who joined us to find a cure…NO ONE IS ALLOWED OUT OF THE ACROPOLIS!

Please rest assured that the situation is under control, and as you may have guessed, everyone currently in the Acropolis shouldn’t have an issue staying here an extra few days. If you encounter an issue of diplomatic or political concern, messaging via our mages is still active…We will attempt to remedy an issues you have, and if you feel that you have a concern, necessary of the Leaders ears, please report this immediately to the Constable.

Those of you who have enrolled in the Academy of ADVENTURE! Congratulations, classes begin tomorrow, and all seems to being going forward towards the plan of finding a cure. Those of you who are lucky may even be found to be necessary for making the cure…on the that side, everything is going according to plan…

Remember to be vigilant and never be surprised.

The Police, Prosecutor, and Judge of Cideron:
Captain-Knight Uolan, Watcher of Cideron
Constable Ricmonte, Shield of Cideron
Alisandre, High Executioner

Your ambition calls you!
0-level, New Game, Save Here?

The players have been gathering the last couple days, and we’ve officially have a Wizard, a Paladin/Sorcerer-Gestalt Combo, a Psionic, and a Druid….the Rogue is on the way!

As you know, the town of Cideron is the mightiest town in the region of Lorith. Recently, a plague has happened upon Cideron. Unknown is the cure, as divine healing, arcane remedies, alchemic dreams, and herbal medicines have all failed to stop its spread. And even stranger, not everyone is affected…from nobility to the beggars, many drop from the disease, which eats at their existence, flesh and spirit. However, those of a particular make, “the adventurer”, have been known to remain unaffected. As such, all willing souls who believe they have the qualities of an adventurer may come Cideron. If you survive “adventurer training” you will be given rewards and tasked to SAVE THE CITY!

—Alidraden, High Paladin of Gatagas


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