Online Dungeons and Dragons ReUnion

Your ambition calls you!

0-level, New Game, Save Here?

The players have been gathering the last couple days, and we’ve officially have a Wizard, a Paladin/Sorcerer-Gestalt Combo, a Psionic, and a Druid….the Rogue is on the way!

As you know, the town of Cideron is the mightiest town in the region of Lorith. Recently, a plague has happened upon Cideron. Unknown is the cure, as divine healing, arcane remedies, alchemic dreams, and herbal medicines have all failed to stop its spread. And even stranger, not everyone is affected…from nobility to the beggars, many drop from the disease, which eats at their existence, flesh and spirit. However, those of a particular make, “the adventurer”, have been known to remain unaffected. As such, all willing souls who believe they have the qualities of an adventurer may come Cideron. If you survive “adventurer training” you will be given rewards and tasked to SAVE THE CITY!

—Alidraden, High Paladin of Gatagas


Kohsagataga Kohsagataga

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