Online Dungeons and Dragons ReUnion

Group Loot and Finances 1

What we've got

Wand of Icestorm
Potion of Levitate
189 gold pie3ces

You also have the following:
8 Chain Shirts
8 Leather Armor
10 Longswords, Common Make
2 Masterwork Daggers
3 Longbows
3 Shortbows
4 Crossbows

If the party so decides to, you may sell these various weapons and armaments

This list will be ammended as the group gets more loot to share.


Well I can’t speak for the wand, but I don’t need the leather armor or the masterwork daggers. I already have one of both and dual wielding daggers leaving to some nasty consequences during attack rolls. Sell it and use the gold for transport, inn and food fare, wenching, etc.

Group Loot and Finances 1
Kohsagataga Kohsagataga

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