Online Dungeons and Dragons ReUnion

Interesting things to note

Treasure from campaign
750 gold
UnIDed Great Axe, Large Creatures (Crag)
UnIDed Chain Shirt, Medium Creatures
UnIDed Buckler, Medium Sized
Disguise Kit x2
Masterwork Morningstar x2
Simple Lock
Circlet of Blasting, Major

Artifacts you now know of:

Artifacts equipped and found:
Avalon-Sir Gunnard
Caliburn-Sir Gunnard
Arhzur-Sir Gunnard
Ambrosius-Crag Hack
Guinevere-Crag Hack

There is a Vault of H.I.M. in the dungeon. Cassandra, Josh Z, and Ben all have an opportunity to access the vault. Josh W, Joel, Zach, and the Barbarian have utilized their one chance inside.


Kohsagataga Kohsagataga

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