Online Dungeons and Dragons ReUnion


No Escape, Lockdown, No departures

Due to the nature of the Council of Ghast incident, and the infection among Fae representatives who joined us to find a cure…NO ONE IS ALLOWED OUT OF THE ACROPOLIS!

Please rest assured that the situation is under control, and as you may have guessed, everyone currently in the Acropolis shouldn’t have an issue staying here an extra few days. If you encounter an issue of diplomatic or political concern, messaging via our mages is still active…We will attempt to remedy an issues you have, and if you feel that you have a concern, necessary of the Leaders ears, please report this immediately to the Constable.

Those of you who have enrolled in the Academy of ADVENTURE! Congratulations, classes begin tomorrow, and all seems to being going forward towards the plan of finding a cure. Those of you who are lucky may even be found to be necessary for making the cure…on the that side, everything is going according to plan…

Remember to be vigilant and never be surprised.

The Police, Prosecutor, and Judge of Cideron:
Captain-Knight Uolan, Watcher of Cideron
Constable Ricmonte, Shield of Cideron
Alisandre, High Executioner


Kohsagataga Kohsagataga

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