Zarroc Wraithesworn

A half-elf newly minted assassin.


Level 9 Exp: 44.000
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Rogue
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Religion: Undeclared
Age: 17
Height: 5’4"
Size: Medium
Weight: 116lbs
Hair: Black
Skin: pretty damn pale (assassins don’t do sun)
Eyes: grey-blue
Sex: Male
Languages: Wolfran, Elvish, Common, Foxran, Goblinoid, Draconic

Constitution: 18 (4)
Strength: 16 (
Dexterity: 32 (11)
Intelligence: 18 (
Wisdom: 10 (0)
Charisma: 14 (

AC: 26
HP: 55
BAB: 7
Fortitude: 6
Reflex: 12
Will: 7

Combat Expertise (may take a -5 on attack rolls to get 5 to dodge bonus)
Dodge (
1 AC against a chosen enemy, can be changed during any action)
Mobility (4 dodge bonus against attacks of opportunity when moving into or out of a threatened area)
Spring Attack (can move before and after an attack without provoking an attack of opportunity by the defender I’m attacking; can’t move more than regular running speed and must move at least 5’)
Whirlwind Attack (when you use a full attack action, give up regular attacks and instead make an attack against every opponent within reach with normal BAB)
Toughness (
3 HP)

Appraise 7
Balance 10
Bluff 1
Climb 6
Concentration 10
Craft (Trap-making) 6
Craft (Tailor) 2
Decipher Script 2
Diplomacy 5
Disable Device 18
Disguise 6
Escape Artist 2
Forgery 2
Gather Information 5
Heal 2
Hide 10
Intimidate 1
Jump 6
Knowledge (local) 2
Listen 9
Move Silently 14
Open Lock 20
Perform 5
Ride 6
Search 13 (5)
Sense Motive 4
Sleight of Hand 6
Spot 11 (
Swim 2
Tumble 16
Use Magic Device 6
Use Rope 7

Rogue Skills
Sneak Attack (currently 5d6): If a rogue can catch an opponent when he is unable to defend himself effectively from his attack, he can strike a vital spot for extra damage.
Trapfinding: Rogues (and only rogues) can use the Search skill to locate traps when the task has a Difficulty Class higher than 20.
Evasion (Ex): At 2nd level and higher, a rogue can avoid even magical and unusual attacks with great agility. If he makes a successful Reflex saving throw against an attack that normally deals half damage on a successful save, she instead takes no damage. Evasion can be used only if the rogue is wearing light armor or no armor.
Trap Sense (Ex): At 3rd level, a rogue gains an intuitive sense that alerts him to danger from traps, giving him a 1 bonus on Reflex saves made to avoid traps and a +1 dodge bonus to AC against attacks made by traps. These bonuses rise to +2 when the rogue reaches 6th level, to +3 at 9th level, to +4 when at 12th level, to +5 at 15th, and to +6 at 18th level.
Uncanny Dodge (Ex): Starting at 4th level, a rogue can react to danger before his senses would normally allow her to do so. He retains his Dexterity bonus to AC (if any) even if he is caught flat-footed or struck by an invisible attacker. However, he still loses his Dexterity bonus to AC if immobilized.
Improved Uncanny Dodge (Ex): I can no longer be flanked
Other Skills:
Diamond Skin: adds to my AC
Dragon Hide Leather Armor, AC +6, +10 Dex
Goggles of Minute Seeing (
5 Search for finding traps, secret doors, and similar concealed objects)
Circlet of Searing Light, Major (5d8 holy dmg once per day)
Pellinore (6 Con and Dex, grants one True Resurrection per day, must be worn at all times)
Flawless Boomerang Dagger x2 1d4 (
2 to hit, +2 dmg)
McKinney Survival Pack

420 Platinum
Wasp poison x3
Silk Rope (30’)
Climber’s Kit (2 circumstance bonus to climb)
Thieves’ Tools (basic)
Thieves’ Tools (climbing)
Burnt up old Disguise Kit (
2 circumstance bonus to disguise)
Beat up old Disguise Kit (+2 circumstance bonus to disguise)
Alchemist’s Fire (x3)
Holy Water (x2)
Smokestick (x5)
Thunderstone (x1)
Aether Bomb Powder
Wax poncho
Torch x2
Lantern (shuttered)
Flint/Steel/Zippo lighter
Rations x3
Cook ware (individually wrapped in dark red velvet cloth)
Bag of Tea x2
Vial of Dark Red Liquid
Shield of the Broken Door (bonus to breaking down doors, can be used as a weapon)
Alchemist Lab x1/2
Unfinished Masterpiece Artwork: 12,000 g

Bugbears x12 lvl 1
Bugbear captain lvl 2
Lvl 1 Rogue

Zarroc comes from your typical “bastard son of a high elf lord from an ancient and noble family sent away to boarding school to get a good education and be put out of the way”. However, the school he attends is owned and operated by one of the largest city’s Guild of Assassins. Along with a sterling education, students learn how to deftly use a stiletto dagger and wear black really, really, really well. Zarroc has therefore been raised to respect authority with deep pockets and he also obeys the rules and etiquette of society flawlessly. Still, as he is a bit of a bastard, he never rubbed elbows with the truly nobby assassins and relied on skill instead of family reputation to graduate with top honors and full scholarship. Although the staff of the university has asked him to stay on for masters studies, Mr. Wraithesworn has decided to get some time out in the field before committing to more book work. When he is in between jobs, he works as a traveling tailor. After the initial venture with his compatriots into the outriggers of the city, Zarroc has been shaken. Battling across reality, with much play on the board by the demonic and ethereal planes, has left him questioning his continued noncommittal attitude towards religion and his views on hired killings. Raised in a very sterile environment, life was seen as something un-inspirational and oftentimes inconvenient to wealthy noblemen. Having almost lost his own life, the world and his work has shifted. While he is in the city trying to get to the bottom of the matter of what is wrong with the town, he is also undergoing a review of his own internal conflict.

Zarroc Wraithesworn

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