Council of Ghast

Annual Council Meeting of Cideron’s leadership.

At the most recent Council meeting, one of the attendees or an attendant to one of the Leaders was previously infected, and this led to the infection of 82 of the Leaders of Cideron.

Topics at the Council of Ghast:
Decreasing foreign taxes on foreign goods: Representatives from the Trade Guild were offering in exchange for an end to the sales taxes on foreign goods, they would pay a cut of the earnings to Cideron itself.
Decreasing property taxes: Nobles from the Dasar family, after losing much of their estate in a recent suit, were asking for smaller property taxes, so as to maintain control of their estates.
Taxes on Religion: The Trade Guild, in negotiation with the Church of Sheolth, had agreed to increase taxes on Church tithes, so as to ease the taxes on the merchant and poorer classes.
Petition to Redress: Local citizens had ascended into the city asking for a redress of the local militia, which had begun to press-gang citizens to work fields and mines as the population suffered from the Unbeknownest.
Petition to Assemble: The local population in the sub of the city had asked permission to create a council of agriculture, so as to better administer the fields.

The Unbeknownest: The Council’s true intention, the discussion to end the plague, or find a solution to control it. The Outbreak began during this session.

Council of Ghast

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