The Fox-kind, the third species born of the Gods and Elves, the children of Sareena. Typically clerics and Paladins, Sareena’s children typically find that wandering and seeing the land is beneficial for their souls. While not necessary malicious, the Fox-kind are pranksters, typically hazing their trainees and apprentices in temples, and hapless travelers along the road.

That being said, just as Luck is Blind Herself, She always aids those she has blinded…aka, The Gethura are unnaturally lucky. From the population living in Cideron, none of the Gethura have been infected, nor have any deaths occurred for their species.

Looking at religion as a joke created by the Gods themselves, Gethura will advocate the ending of formal worship buildings and only advocate that administrative and religious training offices are necessary. As per their desire to travel, the Fox-kind were the missionaries long ago who brought the Pantheon to the humankind.

Between 5’8 and 6’4" and 170-240 lbs, most Fox-kind are not muscular and tend to favor their appearance as their greatest asset.

Most Fox-kind are not unsure of themselves and will use whatever means they must to accomplish their goals. History’s greatest assassins are not stealthy Wuldrans, but the Mistresses of Kaisul, the only recorded Sole Human Leader in history. His mistresses number in the thousands, and in order to enter his retinue, they would have to seduce him…which eventually led to his own death…


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