Father of Time and Knowledge, Scholar of Forever. In the beginning, Gregoris was and had always been. From the time before our time, Gregoris has studied all existence, and has come to understand the thoughts and desires of all creatures. Gregoris, could have omniscience, and predict the possible actions of creature-kind, but it is more interesting to study a creature, and watch it without prior judgment. To understand the creature, the closer Gregoris will be to knowing himself. And to know oneself is truly the greatest mystery.

Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Animal, and Plant Domains

Do not judge, for judgment means to decide, and decisions prior to fact is the pretense of knowledge.
The sons of Fire follow the Sun, but we follow the Way of Life itself. Which to you is the greater path?
Without knowledge, none can understand, and without understanding, there cannot be cooperation.

This sketch was drawn by an insane monk of Gregoris of the deity and was found on an ancient scroll:


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