The race of Mankind, the most dominant of species in terms of breeding, population sizes, and ambition. The average human male is characterized being between 5’10 and 6’2" in height, and 210-270 lbs. by age 21. It is measured at this point as this is the peak of living for most humans. The average lifespan of a human, who is not an adventurer and is not of the noble class, is ~45 years.

Humans often refuse to stay within one niche of society for too long, until they either determine there niche is perfect for themselves, or they can no longer progress upward in social mobility. While there is no implied caste system of humans, it is fair to say that most humans will never marry out of their social standing.

Humans often take the roles of fieldworkers, traders, and merchants, finding that communication and travel are their gifts. Most fieldworkers are of the migrant nature, and in locations outside of Cideron, it is hard to name a season or day where a human would be unlikely to be on the road travelling.

While society isn’t exclusively patriarchal, humans tend to favor alpha status casting. Those who aspire to power usually wield it while those who like to follow serve as mighty Sheeple towards their “leader.” Despite humanity’s ease towards servitude, no human has ever created a crown for themselves, nor has any royal family ever permitted the marriage of humans into their bloodlines.


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