In this universe, since all the Gods lead to each of their own paradises, there is no advocating for the “right” God or the “wrong” God. Churches have unified in 3 Holy Crusades to purge the Heresy of Intolerance and Unrighteousness.

1st Crusade 6CA(Century of Air): The Giseld Knights of Pathis declared that each God was dead, and that the Creator God who long before time made all, had been killed by the now dead Gods. The Knights claimed that each of them slew personally one of the 18 Gods. At the end of battle of Ygrivan, the ground opened up, and a voice bellowed: I am the Rock, and today you shall return to me from whence you came." The Ground then split and ate the Knights, and their cultists in one fell swoop.

2nd Crusade 7CA(Century of Air): After 400 hundred years of peace, men across the globe arose and suddenly began teaching the words of the Knights and carrying their standards. The Crusade was officially ended after 20 years of being unable to find any actual follower of Pathis…none of the men who preached the Gospel of Pathis were found, and the texts of Pathis himself, Grandmaster of the Knights, disappeared into history.

3rd Crusade 9CF(Century of Fire): The Crusade that never was…after The World Eater’s followers began calling him “Father of Us”, the other churches unified to discuss whether it was right for the World Eater to be labelled as such. After much discussion around the table, a crusade was agreed upon and the church leaders left to discuss the idea with their flocks. However, every single king and queen in the world had been recently blessed by the Father of Us and refused to hand over any follower of the World Eater, nor would they allow the inquisition and trials of heresy for any individual going into a World Eater Temple. After this failed attempt, religion has taken a back-burner to politics, as the age of Reason and Logic deems rational cooperation over religious observance…


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