Vehicular Ammunition and Research Nexus (VARN)

ON VARN 1864, Gold Dragonis piloted Ontorra, and began colonization of the world. Gold Dragonis are known for their appreciation of either extreme cold or extreme warmth. While not understanding the nature of this preliminary expedition, it supposedly forces evolution among the primary inhabitants of the world. VARN 1983 will carry out further experiments on genetic mutations inside the inhabitants

History of ONTORRA

VARN 104-Finds Ontorra, primitive life exists in various forms, creatures not superior to each other, interesting

VARN 178-First VARN lands on planet, crew killed by inhabitants

VARN 267-Wipes out species of dog beings after continued assaults on ship

VARN 578-VARN mysteriously disappears after landing

VARN 899-VARN 1864 has rebelled against the will. Gold Dragonis have continued resisted

VARN 1154-VARN 1983 completely destroyed by Gold Dragonis, Wulfs, Aslas and Gethurs. Our existence has caused special alliance

VARN 1347-Project ONTORRA abandoned, creatures have advanced significantly, appointed a “King” to fight against us. They use weapons we have never encountered. Considering assassination of KING.

VARN 1799-Exposed ONTORRA to dimensional flux, species should die out from extra-planar disasters.

VARN 2103-Creatures have successfully survived OMEGA. Let GENESIS continue…abort active interference

VARN 2256-Creatures have reached heightened intelligence. Interesting accounts of power. Implanting VARN AVATAR experiment. Perhaps REBIRTH will help them. Introducing Extraplanar counter to annihilate the weak

King’s Notes in Draconic

These avatars appear to be our only chance. Need to find all of them, and unify their power. Even if I die, my son and the descendants of the Order can achieve the right power. Kill the Genitours, they cannot be trusted, trust no one, my son.
Airship Gatagas
Captain Christian R. Gatagas is missing in action.
Head Administrator promoted to Vice Captain for orders.

In year 1700 CE
There were over 200 possible VARNs existing. They do not follow a patterned numbering system
Their numbers correspond to a purpose.

Genitours are creatures aboard VARNs, and utilize their facilities to carry out their machinations

Genesis is our future and our survival.
Omega is the simultaneous, creation of 40 different portals to a plane of pure evil.
All of the gods are heroes of the old world, and their symbolism represents something about those heroes lives.


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