A Town of 1.5 million souls. Located in the heart of Lorith, Cideron is the idyllic city of Humankind. From the Most Established Church of Gatagas, to the beautiful aqueducts, the city is a shining pillar of Gold, Wealth, and Gilden Dreams.

Cideron is built upon a monstrous hill, which is enclosed in a 10-foot high wall. The ground at the foot of the hill is protected by a 6 foot wall. The “city” on the hill is where shops, trade centers, and politicians meet and live. The base of the hill is where nobility without position, and foreign merchants meet, as well as foreign dignitaries. The local constabulary is in this area, and constitutes a small force capable of maintaining the siege of Cideron for 12 months. The outlying fields, and houses are the primary stock of the population, and for many, they will never step into the actual city.

Cideron is currently being plagued by the Unbeknownest, as it has been termed. The first infectee of the disease was a servant of Davust, the Tormentor. The man screamed that his God had not plagued him, yet the man claimed the plague was UNHOLY. At some point, the disease made its way to the poorer districts of Cideron where it spread like wildfire. To this date, since first infection 9 months ago, 300,000 souls have perished. At this point, the Church of Gatagas and a majority of the deities came together at the Council of Ghast.

During the Council of Ghast, the Plague broke into the Holy Church and all but the Leaders representing their individual Gods survived. As the tragedy of the Council of Ghast became known, the Leaders decided on last objective to complete. Having found themselves survivors and without a slightest trace of infection, the Leaders decided to call all possible adventurers and use the survivors to fight the plague.

Cideron is the largest city in Lorith, serving as both the administrative head of the region, and the trading hub for all merchants, mercenaries, and producers. Currently, the city has an in-flux of winter season goods, primarily wheat, and hides. There is a university of Gregoris. However, the plague has shut down the school, as a majority of the academics perished in the outbreak. Some scholars remain, but their lives of adventuring are far from continuation, as old age and broken bodies dominate them. 20 years ago, the University of Gregoris was the pinnacle of education, in an area of one university.

Politics is a mess in Cideron. Never doing well with tyrants, the city is run by the Council of Leaders, which has been recently reduced to 18 leaders from the original 100. Noting that the 18 leaders compromise the 18 Gods, chaos has ensued in the city, as representatives of the deities cannot stand each other.


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