The unknown plague of Cideron.

Victims in 1st Outbreak on Maius 21st, 16 9CF(9th Century of Fire): 150,000
Victims from the Outbreak of the Council of Ghast: 150,000

Alchemic Healing: Failed
Herbal Medicines/Remedies: Failed
Arcane Healing: Failed
Divine Healing/Miracles: Failed

No known cure. Infection eats the soul away as it eats the body away, leaving a husk of a former life behind. Bodies have been burned as the graveyard in the Acropolis is too small, and the fields have soured where bodies have been buried. No instances of undead occurring from deceased victims. All major religions have stated they will not perform necromancy upon the dead from this diseased, as their life as ended unnaturally.

It inexplicably comes from nowhere and defies logic:


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